Below is a list of some our most commonly asked questions. Of course, if you have a question that is not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us any time, and we will do everything within our power to assist you in any way that we can.

Q: What will I receive if I order your product?

A: Each of our 30-day supply kits comes with thirty individually-wrapped daily pill packets. Each packet contains nine pills. You will, therefore, be taking nine pills each day. If you'd like to know what the pills' ingredients are, then please visit our "how it works" page.

Q: Why should I order your product?

A: There is NO OTHER prenatal vitamin offered to the public that addresses not only the nutritional needs of your growing fetus, buut also the nutritional needs of your skin. We are the ONLY company who offers such a product. Put simply, you should order our product if you're concerned about developing stretch marks. However, our product is geared toward anyone who is looking to improve the health and vitality of their skin. You don't need to be pregnant in order to take our supplements. In fact, you don't even need to be female.

Q: I am in my fifth month of pregnancy, and I am noticing stretch marks beginning to develop on my body. Will your supplements benefit me, or is it already too late?

A: It's never too late. You can increase your chances of getting much fewer, and much lighter stretch marks, if you take our supplements.

Q: I am not pregnant, but I am trying to become pregnant. Will your supplements benefit me?

A: YES! In an ideal situation, a woman would begin taking our supplement before she even becomes pregnant. Doing so would prepare the skin for the ravages of pregnancy in a proactive way. However, since the majority of women do not begin taking prenatal supplements until they actually discover that they're pregnant, and since the stomach skin does not actually begin getting stretched until the woman is at least 3-4 months along in her pregnancy, it will still be extremely beneficial to begin taking our supplements when you discover that you're pregnant. In fact, even if you begin our supplement regimen late in your pregnancy, you will still benefit greatly.

Q: I am concerned that my son or daughter, who is going through puberty, will develop stretch marks on his/her body as a result of the hormonal factors and growth spurts that are associated with puberty. Will your supplements benefit male and female adolescents who are going through puberty? What about people who are bodybuilding and are expecting their muscles to grow at a very fast rate?

A: Yes! Although our supplements are geared toward pregnant women, anyone can take them. The vitamins and minerals that our supplements contain are beneficial to everyone - male and female, young and old. Anyone who wants beautiful, healthy skin, and who wants to arm themselves against stretch marks, should take our supplements.

Q: Are your supplements safe? Are they FDA-approved?

A: Yes! All of our supplements are completely safe, and their amounts are tailored toward the safety of a growing fetus. Additionally, they have all been individually approved by the FDA.

Q: Do you ship to international addresses? How about APO addresses?

A: Yes, we do. Not only do we ship to APO address, but we will ship to absolutely EVERY country in the world.

Q: How quickly do you ship? And how quickly will I receive my order?

A: We ship all orders within three business days after they're placed. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an automated email, and it will include your tracking number. After that, it will take 3-7 business days for U.S. customers to receive their orders, and it will take 7-15 business days for international customers to receive their orders.

Q: Your supplement formula contains Vitamin A and Biotin. I have heard that these supplements can be potentially unsafe for use during pregnancy. Is this true?

A: It can be detrimental, if not dangerous, if a pregnant woman does not receive enough Vitamin A and Biotin. It is also true that high doses of these particular vitamins can be dangerous during pregnancy. Let's first discuss Vitamin A. it's extremely important to consider the source of the vitamin A. Vitamin A derived from animal sources (referred to as retinol), can be extremely dangerous to the fetus if administered in high doses. However, Vitamin A derived from carotenoids (which are a vegetable-based source of Vitamin A), do not pose a risk at all, even in extremely high doses that are much higher than the FDA's recommended daily allowance. Of course, knowing this, we have made sure that the Vitamin A in our supplements is derived 100% from carotenoids. All prenatal supplements include vitamin A. It’s theorized that moderate to high levels of retinol-based vitamin A reduce bone growth and interfere with the ability of vitamin D to help the body utilize calcium. In scientific studies, it was found that only “preformed” animal-based vitamin A (retinol), was linked to bone loss and fractures. Fortunately, the body converts beta carotene and many other carotenoids in vegetables and fruits into vitamin A, as needed, and the studies found no adverse effect from carotenoids. The amount of Vitamin A found to be risky in a Harvard scientific study is nearly three times the RDA for women, and one-third more than the Daily Value. Vitamin A is an important antioxidant and is extremely beneficial to the skin.

As far as Biotin goes, large doses of it can increase your risk of miscarriage. However, a Biotin deficiency can increase the risk of birth defects, as animal studies have shown. Although it's been reported that Biotin deficiency is rare among women who are not pregnant, a new medical study indicates that a more subtle form of Biotin deficiency occurs during pregnancy, possibly as a result of the increased demand for nutrients placed upon the mother by the growing fetus. Obviously, it's important to make sure that you get enough Biotin during your pregnancy, but it's also ovbious that you should take care not to consume too much of it. Our supplements offer a very low dose of Biotin, which is safe, healthy, and beneficial for a mother and her growing fetus, and which is also extremely beneficial in the fight against stretch marks because Biotin stimulates the skin's cell renewal process.

Q: Does Joli Mere contain DHA?

A: Yes and no. Each dose of Joli Mere contains 500mg of an Omega 3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid, and in our case, it is derived from organic flaxseed oil. Once you ingest the organic flaxseed oil, its alpha-linolenic acid is naturally converted into DHA by your body. You may wish to augment your DHA intake by taking an additional DHA supplement. If you choose to do this, we urge you to avoid and DHA that is derived from fish sources, as there is concern for possible mercury content, which could be harmful to your baby. Instead, look for DHA that is derived from algae, or from other plant sources.



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